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I have been in practice for over 20years, so its safe to say that i can work in all areas of general Naturopathy and Functional Medicine.  However, alot of my work is in the space of chronic/ long-standing illness- usually those who can't seem to find answers anywhere else. 

Some examples of this are people with: 

  • Mental Health- Anxiety, OCD, Depression, Insomnia, PTSD
  • Chronic or Adrenal Fatigue
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chronic, long standing autoimmune and connective tissue disorders - Allergies, Ehler's  Danlos, Rheumatoid arthritis

Adrenal Fatigue

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Mental Health

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Chronic Conditions

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What does working with me look like?


  • 100% telehealth based
  • Using a combination of herbal and nutritional supplements, food, movement and mindset
  • Finding achievable , effective solutions to create permanent change
  • Specialised nutritional advice (tailored meal plans can be arranged for those who specifically require this

Are you ready to transform?

Initial Consultation and Planning Session

Lets create your game plan!

When you book your Initial consultation with me- If you have had any prior testing or bloods done (say in the previous 6mnths), please also forward me a copy of these.  


Our First meeting:

We will review your Health appraisal and discuss your priorities and desired outcomes. I will take a detailed record of your current health status, health history, diet, lifestyle and current and past stressors. We will also review any relevant bloodwork or test results (if these were sent through prior).

From here we begin to create the foundations of your roadmap, and identify the root cause as a starting point: 

  • Functional testing referrals (if necessary)
  • Supplement prescription
  • Lifestyle suggestions
  • Specialised nutritional guidelines (please note, tailored meal plans are not given in this initial appointment)       
  • Within 24hrs I will email you a comprehensive breakdown of what we discussed, and the focus points until the next session
  • Links and downloads for more detailed information to keep


Start your journey back to amazing health today... 

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