Are You Ready To Take Control of Your Health!?


By trade I am a Clinical Naturopath’, but my work also draws heavily from my years of experience in Herbal Medicine, Functional Nutrition, Life Coaching, Movement & Somatic Trauma release.  In my 20year of practice, I have had the honour of helping thousands of people reshape their mental and physical health, using the combination of tools and modalities I have developed and combined along the way.

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Rather than just treating the ‘top level’ symptoms, my work really digs deep and gets to the core of the issue. I can offer Functional Testing that is outside the scope of regular pathology, which often provides the targeted information (the golden keys) which unlocks the doors back to great health, for the long term.

I have a passion for helping you rediscover how great it can feel to be alive! and my focus is to realign you with all off the tools to support your journey, including - real food practice, herbs, movement, and mindset.

I have a crazy level of can-do attitude.. and firmly believe that if you want it enough, you can get it. Its just a matter of creating the right plan, with the right path that’s broken down in to steps which are achievable for you.

If you are looking for a coach as well as a practitioner, and someone who can offer more than just pushing pills across a desk and saying ‘come back in 3weeks,’… then we might just work together really well.

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