Naturopathy for permanent change

Taking into account your entire lifestyle, health history and diet, Naturopathy uses a 'whole person' approach to treat the underlying cause, and not just provide symptomatic relief using drugs. 

A Naturopathic consultation at Natural Body Lab can offer a combination of Biomedical or Functional testing, along with the more traditional Naturopathic protocols that are well and truly time tested. 

Your treatment plan might include: 

  • Nutritional and Lifestyle advice
  • Naturopathic Supplements or Herbal Medicine
  • Functional Pathology enquiry for ongoing monitoring of a condition
Meet Claire

Claire has been working in Naturopathic clinics and with herbs since the age of 13. She was originally trained by the ‘old school’ mentors, and learned true herbalism, remedy preparation and the old holisitic principles of Naturopathic Medicine and Detoxification. With 20years of clinical experience and post-graduate studies, Claire’s work now offers a blend of Functional Medicine and testing, Counselling and Naturopathy to help reclaim your energy levels and mental health. 

She specialises in the areas of Mental Health, Adrenal Fatigue and 'Burnt out Women' and Children's Health.


Children's Naturopathy

If you can change the health of a child, you can potentially change the course of an entire lifetime, and also relieve some of the stressors placed on parents and carers of our children. We can offer special dietary advice and naturopathic guidance for a variety of complaints that are relevant from birth right through to the later teen years.

Our treatment methods are as non invasive as possible, and where relevant we can employ Functional Medicine Testing, using samples such as hair, urine, saliva and stool.  All of the testing we do is scientifically proven and evidence based.  We believe in accuracy when dealing with our precious children.