Are you constantly tired? Bloated all the time?
Or wondering what your hormones are doing to make you feel so 'all over the place'?

Do you struggle to find foods that wont upset your digestion? OR even worse, are you able to eat something one day, and the next you are in a world of discomfort and indigestion, leaving you even more confused about what you can possibly eat?

Is it a daily battle to find the energy, just to get by? Or do you wonder where the old you went, and feel stuck in a cycle that's never ending? 

You have definitely landed in the right place!


Im looking for women to join the pilot group for my new group coaching program.. 

If you would like to revamp your digestion and kick your adrenals back into gear.. or if you’d like to finally ditch the calorie counting and complicated meal plans, and find out why they never worked for anyone long term.. then i would like to invite you into the pilot group for my new program.

Inside this program I share with you many of the same tools and strategies that i've used to help thousands of women across 20years of my career as a naturopath and coach.  

If you have 'tried every diet' and walked away disheartened... and if you are ready to

find and smash that RESET button..  

and bounce back into a healthier, happier you.. then this program is exactly what you have been looking for.


"Your hormones are a thing that need fixing."




"Your hormones are a street sign, pointing you toward which areas of your diet or lifestyle need support or correction."


The Natural Body Method draws on over 20years or working with women, and delivers all the gold in a concentrated, easy to follow format.

This program is for you if you want to:

  • Climb back from that horrible place called burnout
  • Reclaim your energy levels and rebuild your adrenal health and stamina
  • Work on your gut health and strengthen your digestion (and learn how they're closely connected to the adrenals)
  • Discover which foods best suit YOU and YOUR body for the long term.. and say goodbye to the dieting rollercoaster, forever!
  • Learn which foods help fuel your gut health and boost your mood
  • Find that reset button and once and for all feel that amazing energy you have been craving for years... 
This is not your typical plug-and-play 'weightloss' eating and exercise program. 

Why?  Because they're not effective...  well not for the long run, anyway.

I've worked in this field long enough to KNOW that regimented meal plans and calorie restriction just don't generate long term results. In fact they tend to not generate much at all, outside of short-term drastic weight-loss and burnout. 

 HELLO, Rebound weight gain!!

By definition this is not a weight loss program. But inside i will be sharing the same strategies that i use when women walk into my clinic and say 'nothing else has worked, so im doubtful'. (Yep, you guessed it. they lose weight).

You see, when we work on your entire health and metabolism.. When your adrenals are firing and you have your energy levels back...  you can't help but shed those extra centimeters! I see it all the time!

So forget burning yourself out with a weight-centered program, and find out how tuning into to your body can help create great shifts in every aspect of your health!


Why is this program different?

Because the practitioner in me wants so much for you to succeed in every way! 

I am not interested in you going back to 'no-man's-land' once you have finished the weeks in this course, so i have deliberately designed it so that by the end of it you will be able to:

  • Tune in and recognise patterns you never noticed before
  • Understand which foods are a no-go for your body, and how to balance nutritional needs around it
  • Learn the signs that your adrenals are slipping again, well before they crash! Also learn how to prevent this from happening. 
  • See how your mood and digestion are directly impacting your hormones, and learn strategies to support them both with food and lifestyle
  • Know how to use food as an ongoing detox agent, for optimal health
  • Identify environmental triggers 

The  information you will learn will be useful for a lifetime, that's a promise!

You will walk away with multiple tools for long term health- and feel empowered that you can now apply the knowledge, workbooks and strategies at any stage, for the rest of your life!

The Natural Body Method will help you reclaim your ability to take control of your hormones and boost your energy and mood. 

… over the years you all have asked so often..
so this is my answer to your call!
I have listened. xx

This pilot group will  run between 7 and 9 weeks, and will be a more 'open/progressive format'.  This means that participants will get every bit of information the program promises to deliver.. but you will also have the opportunity to offer feedback and suggestions, ensuring that you get ALL THE TOOLS you need, to deliver the results you want

I am also offering this first group at an special introductory rate, meaning you will get twice as much mentoring for significantly less cost. 

The Natural Body Method offers...

What you get

  • 7x weekly online modules (each containing up to 6 lessons) and lifetime access to this information. (approx 60-90mins of lessons per week) 
  • An invitation to connect with our private community 
  • Weekly Live Calls where each module is discussed and any questions are answered 
  • A specialized journal to help track your progress and map your patterns and habits.
  • Workbooks for each module full of tips and strategies
  • Practitioner-grade Supplements for each section

You will learn

By working through this program, you will discover how to:

  • Gain better sleep
  • Improve your digestion and learn what its telling you
  • Identify any food sensitivities, and optimize your digestion
  • Ditch the food anxiety kick the diet mentality, forever!
  • Detoxify your mind, body and environment
  • Gain greater energy level, and 
  • Reset your hormones!

My promise to you..

I have spent decades coaching women into better health, and this all inclusive program will not only help you find your reset button, but afford you deep insight into your hidden habits and mindset around food and health in general. Reconnect you to your body's innate wisdom and learn to read the signs she is offering. 

This is NOT a calorie restricted plan. This is a permanent health solution that teaches you how you can use food to support your health, long term. 

So just to recap.. if you’re a woman who can't seem to bring herself back from the brink of burnout, and would like to rebuild your adrenal health, and as a knock-on balance your hormones, permanently!

Or if you’re a woman who wants to take control of her gut health, and get that metabolism back firing like it should be.. then i am opening the doors to my first ever

Natural Body Method

pilot group program....

  • For this group only, I am offering an entire 7 weeks (plus) of my full devotion, resources and supplements, to a small number of ladies who are eager for change… for only $500. (Flexible payment options available)
    . (That’s 7+ weeks crammed with information and workbooks (with lifetime access to all).)
  • Practitioner-grade supplements
  • Closely guided sections around food, detox, mindset, and so much more..
  • Access to a private community where you can share your highlights and struggles, and continue to learn

.. and lifetime access to all of the above, so you can refer back to it whenever you need.. 

The applications for the pilot group are open until Wednesday 30th June, with packs and supplements being sent out ready to kick off on Monday 11th July.

If this is something that interests you, then i would love to hear from you.. Just know that i am capping the introductory group quite heavily, because.. after all.. im only one person!, and i want to make sure that each and every one of you get the chance to shine and grow. 

Yours in health, Claire @ Nautral Body Lab xxx

Join our group!